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Superdawg Offers Veterans Free Hot Dogs

I’ve always seen veterans as heroic figures. Even today, seeing them walk through airports, I marvel at their youth and realize that the draft ended long ago and that they SIGNED UP for this gig. No one forced them or demanded it of them. That only adds to my amazement and gratitude. When I think... Read more »

Man Robs Hot Dog Stand, Shoots Own Penis

Maybe it’s Southside justice. You can’t make this stuff up. Yesterday, a 19-year-old kid named Terrion Pouncy tried to rob the legendary Original Maxwell Street Polish on Halsted Street, and in all the excitement of leaving the restaurant, managed to shoot his own penis while making his escape. Police say it was a small caliber... Read more »

Bonfire of the NFL Jerseys: What Price, Free Hot Dogs?

This Sunday, a Florida hot dog stand figures it has the best answer to the NFL controversy “To kneel or not to kneel” during the national anthem. Owner John Lee has a few burn barrels out back, and irate fans can bring their NFL jerseys and other merchandise to Coney Island Drive Inn in Brooksville,... Read more »

Under Siege: What We Lost and What We Gained on 9/11

(A column I wrote in the immediate aftermath of September 11, 2001….) Police squad cars flanked the Daley Center.  In the barricaded streets there were more guys in blue shirts than you’d see in a prison yard. It occurred to me that we’ve lost something. We have lost that carefree feeling that we’ve had in... Read more »

My Cringe-Worthy Day

This just happened yesterday, so I have had very little time to reflect on its significance or non-significance to my life in the vast configuration of things, but it was a pretty awful thing to go through. I realize that others (many in Texas) faced more difficult circumstances and challenges yesterday and into the future,... Read more »

To My Heroin-Addicted Daughter on Her Birthday, with Love and Gratitude

My daughter Jillian turns 33 today. I’m at that point in life where you tend to look back a lot more than you look forward, and what floods back to me now is a mélange of feelings – joy, certainly – but also the pain of having a child who succumbed to heroin addiction. Joy,... Read more »

Pouring Whiskey on My Bluebird with Henry Chinaski

  Charles Bukowski’s creation, Henry Chinaski, agreed to meet with me for a few glasses of bourbon and let me pick the place, as long as I was buying. I picked a dive where I knew the bartender pretty well called the Chicago Station on Irving, where I could count on a few of the... Read more »

Dog Sauce? Heinz Is Crazy to Think We’d Fall for This

First off, Heinz Ketchup tried to normalize ketchup on hot dogs by showing wiener dogs licking the faces of adult sized ketchup bottles in a misguided Super Bowl commercial. Now, they’re figuring wheeling out a Trojan Horse on National Hot Dog Day might work. By sticking a label that says “Dog Sauce” on bottles of... Read more »

Opening Day at Wrigley: Of Steamed Buns and Salty Dogs

In the movie “Kong: Skull Island,” when Hank Marlow (played by John C. Reilly, who upstages the giant ape at every turn) feasts his glazzies upon Brie Larson for the first time, he intones reverently, “You are more beautiful than a hot dog and a can of beer at Wrigley Field on opening day,” his... Read more »

Best Chicago Style Hot Dog? The Winner Is …..

It seemed almost inevitable. Every once in a while, a player comes along that changes the game forever and becomes the undisputed, unified-belt, bona fide champion. And the bar gets raised. Basketball had its Michael Jordan. Golf had its Jack Nicklaus. Boxing had its Rocky Marciano. And the hot dog world has its Superdawg, the... Read more »