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Opening Day at Wrigley: Of Steamed Buns and Salty Dogs

In the movie “Kong: Skull Island,” when Hank Marlow (played by John C. Reilly, who upstages the giant ape at every turn) feasts his glazzies upon Brie Larson for the first time, he intones reverently, “You are more beautiful than a hot dog and a can of beer at Wrigley Field on opening day,” his... Read more »

Best Chicago Style Hot Dog? The Winner Is …..

It seemed almost inevitable. Every once in a while, a player comes along that changes the game forever and becomes the undisputed, unified-belt, bona fide champion. And the bar gets raised. Basketball had its Michael Jordan. Golf had its Jack Nicklaus. Boxing had its Rocky Marciano. And the hot dog world has its Superdawg, the... Read more »

Letter to President Trump from President Obama

Dear President Trump, Well, you’re here: The Oval Office. You probably find it easier to believe than millions of Americans who are still shaking or scratching their heads (and maybe throwing up in their mouths a little). Just kidding! They will be watching you, rest assured of that. You never seemed to be a guy... Read more »

Best Chicago Style Hot Dog? The Golden Weenie Goes To...

Election season is over. Now it’s time for a poll of real consequence. In a year of the Trump 3” footlong (“You’ll be satisfied, believe me ….”) and enough politics to force you to “get your fill,” take one more small moment to fill out this one-question poll. It’s a vote for which place in... Read more »

The Greatest Meal: Pinning Down Ephemera

Meals come and go. At restaurants, they get set in front of you and then they are removed, with a small bustle and clatter and then they disappear. Refined smears of sauce or edible flowers become garbage very quickly. Remnants are packaged up sometimes, but what you bring home rarely approaches the original, though pasta... Read more »

Cubsploitation: Bars Charging to Watch World Series On TV?

Put ‘em on your list. Several Wrigleyville bars are charging exorbitant prices just to walk through the door and try to catch some of the World Series games – on television! My old Hot Dog hero Hot Doug Sohn touts the “humanness” of people wanting to share the baseball moments together, but most of us... Read more »

Elitism Visible: The Prospect of an Indians vs. Cubs World Series

 I dug the Cleveland Indians long before I dug the Chicago Cubs. Now that it looks like the Cubs might actually have a chance to get into a World Series with the Indians, I’m compelled to reflect on some brief brushes with both teams, as a kid and as an adult. As a kid, I... Read more »

One Summer Day: Nothing but the Big Outside and Cool Inside

It’s Meeker, Ohio. I’m ten years old and my brother Chris is around seven. We have Tamatchie Creek running behind our house, and thick woods. It’s a hot July day, which is perfect for exploring. We would call it that. “Let’s go exploring.” We have a makeshift bow and we use chopped down and sharpened... Read more »

Intestinal Fortitude: The Furious Saga of Nathan’s July 4th Hot Dog Eating Contest

The 4th of July means one thing to hot dog patriots: the Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest on Coney Island, New York. This year happens to be the 100th anniversary of Nathan’s, the same year (legend has it) that four immigrants argued outside Nathan Handwerker’s hot dog stand on the Fourth of July, 1916, about who... Read more »

“Pay to Play” Muscle from Friends of the Parks Killed Lucas Museum

Although George Lucas is familiar with a kind of mythical Chicago gangsterism, having brought us the character “Greedo” in the Star Wars franchise, he probably never thought he’d meet his earthling equivalent – until Friends of the Parks tried to extort him. Friends of the Parks Executive Director Juanita Irizarry’s latest maneuver is a proposal... Read more »