Three Dog Day: Iconic Chicago Joints Examined

Hot-C, relishing a foot-long Chicago-style dog.

Hot-C, relishing a foot-long Chicago-style dog.

A few years back, Hot-C and I asked three buddies to join us in a hot dog tour of three popular hot dog stands so we could compare note and fill our bellies at the same time.

What makes a great dog? And who provides it? We have been in pursuit of this knowledge for a long time, and by putting together all five of our heads, did we arrive at an answer? More importantly, did we have fun? Big yes.

We went to Byron’s, Budacki’s, and Gene’s & Jude’s because we had heard good things about them all, and none of them had ever received our Golden Weenie award for having the best dog in the city.

Hot-C and I dedicate this video to one of the participants, my good friend Michael O’Connell, whom we lost a while back. Also, thanks to Mike “Little Boy” Koertgen and the irreplaceable Lawrence Keenan.

Pass the celery salt.

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