H. Dog Serves Up a True Working Man's Dog

5341 S. Archer Avenue
Chicago, IL 60632
Tel: 773-585-5260

3-1/2 Dogs (Out of Five)

dscn4144Clearly a working man’s dog, with a burly, crew-cut clientele jawboning at each other between gargantuan bites of dogs and Italian beef sandwiches, this place says “South Side” all the way. Will there be a marked difference between our familiar and sometimes precious Northwest Side offerings and the Hungry Man no-nonsense dogs found here?

Let’s find out. Hot-C proclaimed that had the bun been properly steamed and had poppy seeds been present, this dog would rival the most flavorful we’re encountered. These are Red Hot Chicago dogs, not the traditional Vienna Beef dogs, and do you know what? The dog does admirably well in a boss comparison, especially when ordered char-grilled.

Hot-C spoke movingly of the difference between the  bloated, over–boiled, soggy dogs we’ve dscn4139experienced and the crackling, delicious flavor that the flame contributes. We hearkened back to a recent weenie roast in our own backyard, where the big franks were given a blackened crust and held their own in a myriad of ingredients placed on toasted garlic buns.

The dog at hand here has all you’d want in the way of produce: dill spear, two generous tomato slices, celery salt that made its presence known at first chomp, onions nicely flaked, relish perfectly acceptable (though, as Hot-C noted, not neon green) and the biggest sport peppers we’ve yet encountered. It’s a fine dog– and on the South Side!

dscn4142Hot-C’s main beef with the H. Dog experience is one that has come up in the past. On the menu are diverse and varied items such as broasted chicken (which smelled fabulous)/ ribeye steak sandwiches, Italian beefs and sausages, and myriad other offerings. A place that foppishly calls itself H. Dog (all that’s missing is the “Esq.”) should focus on the main event.

Or have economics forced the ungodly expansion of menus across the land? Is it the Walmart effect where not only are hard goods sold but groceries, too in order to boost the bottom line? We may have to explore the smaller carts and mini stands where the focus is singular and the spotlight shines on the dog in all its glory.

Check out our video review:

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