Food Network’s Sandwich King Jeff Mauro Rolls Out (Flies Out?) New Hot Dog Recipes to Kick Off Summer

mauro-with-hot-dogAmazon can keep its drones.

Food Network’s Sandwich King Jeff Mauro and Oscar Mayer are teaming up to bring a specially equipped jet pack called the Super Hotdogger to deliver hot dogs to Chicagoans to kick off summer.


Look for Oscar Mayer's Super Hotdogger in Chicago to kick off hot dog grilling season in Mid-July.

Mauro has even added three brand new hot dog recipes to liven up your grill this summer. And don’t even ask Mauro if a sandwich is really a hot dog. He’ll run down a list of reasons why it is that would rival a biology lecture – bandying about terms like kingdom, phylum, class, order family, genus, and species. You don’t become King without knowing your subject.

Mauro himself will be tooling around Manhattan today in the iconic Wienermobile, tempting people with his new recipes.

Growing up in Elmwood Park, Mauro is no stranger to the Chicago style hot dog – he lived within a sport pepper throw of the iconic Johnny’s Red Hots on North Avenue, where he just recently got a “couple Italian ices, and beef combos, sweet, hot, and dipped.” Chicago parlance never sounded so authentic.

When it comes to Chicago dogs, Mauro’s heart belongs to Gene and Jude’s in River Grove. “There’s something about that Depression-style dog that just hits the spot,” he said when I spoke with him this morning from his New York hotel room. “It has the classic ingredients – the relish, the mustard, the onions, the celery salt – all the stuff that makes a great dog, and nothing high-falutin’ about it.”

NYC Bagel Dog

NYC Bagel Dog

Mauro’s hot dog creations for Oscar Mayer are a bit more high-falutin’ but they sound delicious.

There’ the NYC Bagel Dog that comes with a delicious

Opa! Dog

Opa! Dog

“schmear,” an Opa! Dog that is Greek-inspired, with tzatziki sauce, mint, and more, and a triple-meat Mexican-Hawaiian

hybrid Three Big Ol’ Piggy Dog that features pulled pork, an Oscar Meyer pork dog, pineapple and other good stuff.

Three Big Ol' Piggy Dog

Three Big Ol' Piggy Dog

“I had to resist the temptation to add a fried egg to the New York dog, because it’s a great breakfast dog,” Mauro said. “But everyone can feel free to do it.”

It’s Summer! It’s hot dog season!

Put what you like on your dog and give these recipes a try.

No ketchup, though – after all, this is Chicago.


The NYC Bagel Dog (Oscar Mayer, Courtesy of Jeff Mauro)

4 Oscar Mayer 100% Angus hot dog – split down the middle
1 cup scallion cream cheese
8 slices of crispy Oscar Mayer bacon, crumbled
2 tablespoons very thinly sliced fresh chive
1 recipe everything bagel shake
4 New England Style Split top roll – buttered and griddled until golden brown

 The Opa! Dog! (Oscar Mayer, Courtesy of Jeff Mauro)

4 Oscar Mayer 100% Angus hot dog
1 recipe Saganaki Strips
1 recipe Harissa Tzatziki Sauce
Sliced Pepperoncini
1 recipe pickled red onion
Fresh mint, chiffonade
4 Sesame seed hot dog buns

The Three Big Ol’ Piggy Dog (Oscar Mayer, Courtesy of Jeff Mauro)

4 Oscar Mayer 100% Pork Hot Dogs
8 slices of Oscar Mayer bacon
1 recipe slow-cooker carnitas
1 recipe avocado lime crema
½ cup fresh cilantro, chopped
¼ cup grated cotija cheese
Pickled red Fresno chile slices (or pickled sliced cherry pepper)
4 Hawaiian hot dog buns

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