Superdawg Offers Veterans Free Hot Dogs

soldier-dogI’ve always seen veterans as heroic figures.

Even today, seeing them walk through airports, I marvel at their youth and realize that the draft ended long ago and that they SIGNED UP for this gig. No one forced them or demanded it of them. That only adds to my amazement and gratitude.

When I think of what I was doing at nineteen – doing battle with the hard texts of Beowulf and Chaucer while Bowie played in my dorm room and my modified Coke machine beer cooler hummed away in the corner – well, never mind ….  someone said that all comparisons are odious.

Especially when they make me look bad.

These superheroes past and present deserve a super offering of thanks on Veteran’s Day. And Superdawg (the winner of the 2016 Golden Weenie for the best Chicago style hot dog) is stepping up.

To honor our military heroes, Superdawg is giving every veteran and active duty military personnel a free Supermeal from Friday, Nov. 10 through Saturday, Nov. 11. Just identify yourself to a cashier or carhop at the Devon and Milwaukee or Wheeling location and you will receive a salute of thanks and a Supersandwich and large soft drink.

When Maurie Berman came back from “The Big One,” World War II, he married his high school sweetheart Flaurie – and the rest is history. They are immortalized in the fantastic muscle-clad, winking hot dog that fronts the restaurant beside his demure blue-eyed girlfriend. Military types have swagger – and Maurie sure did, too.

During these difficult times, it is important to offer thanks to our military. There’s a kind of thoughtless brinksmanship taking place between two spoiled rich kids named Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump who love the power and strength of weaponry while having been privileged enough to avoid service themselves like the plague. Trump’s avoidance is almost legendary, getting five draft deferments during the Vietnam years for things like “bone spurs,” even though he played football, tennis and squash in school.

Both Kim Jong Un and Trump love the trappings of the military and talking tough – while men who actually served in the military and who really know the sting of battle try to bring some sense to it all. Hopefully, these sensible soldiers will prevail.

You don’t rattle the saber unless you intend to use it.

For all the men and women who are at the ready and who deal with the toughest assignments around, thank you.

Grab yourself a free Superdawg.


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