Cubsploitation: Bars Charging to Watch World Series On TV?

Lee Rezin/Chicago Sun-Times via AP

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Put ‘em on your list.

Several Wrigleyville bars are charging exorbitant prices just to walk through the door and try to catch some of the World Series games – on television!

My old Hot Dog hero Hot Doug Sohn touts the “humanness” of people wanting to share the baseball moments together, but most of us don’t have years of receipts from running a cash business like he has. The tickets to the TV viewings are ridiculously beyond what ticket prices should be for a live baseball game. These places should be ashamed of themselves. I know that I will never order a beer from any of them again.

On September 11, 2001, Americans were rattled to their core. We didn’t know what to expect next. All we knew was that we needed to gas up our cars “just in case” and lay in some supplies. Many gas stations saw the opportunity and raised prices per gallon by three and fourfold. I made note of them and when things got back to normal again, I made it a point never to go to them again. And I didn’t.

Same thing with this Cubsploitation. Sure, some places have meal packages, but let’s face it: a plateful of wings that probably cost around a buck forty nine are not worth a $200 “surcharge.”

Shameful. You do what you want. If you’re wealthy with hot dog money like Hot Doug or got wealthy some other way, more power to you. Enjoy the company of drunken, braying yuppies taking selfies and bumping into your table.

But if you think there’s something rotten in Wrigleyville, here’s the list:

Cubby Bear: Charging a $100 cover – to watch TV, no beers included.

HVAC Pub: $250 entry and “meal package” of pizza and wings (see above).

John Barleycorn: $200-$250 “meal package” (one appetizer, one entrée, drinks) with a $500 table reservation “add-on.” Too bad. I used to like that place. At least they’re throwing in the drinks.

Moe’s Cantina: $200 with a $500 table “add-on.” Same deal as John Barleycorn, food-wise.

Merkle’s Bar and Grill: $100 cover. For that you get “entry.”

Old Crow Smokehouse: $200-$250 “meal package” with a $500 table “add-on.” Same deal as John Barleycorn, foodwise.

Casey Moran’s: $225-$250 (that extra $25 sticks in my craw) “meal package” which is a buffet, and drinks limited to between 7:00 and 10:45. They will also charge you $500 for a four-person table top during the game that must be purchased as an add-on with the meal package.

Deuce’s and The Diamond Club: $250 “meal package” buffet, same drink deal as Casey Moran’s.

There are more. Sadly.

But here’s a shout-out to some places that are not charging anything to get into: Nola Pub, Trace, Sheffield’s, and Higgins’ Tavern.

There are also plenty of Northwest Side neighborhood joints with quieter, older gentlemen who have waited a long time for this. Instead of gym rats wearing backward baseball caps who try to see how drunk and loud they can get, you’ll find these guys sitting there in front of their PBRs, in disbelief that we got this far, occasionally wiping away a tear.



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