Join Chicago Cubs Team Hot Dog: Let’s Eat Two!

hotdogIf the summer has slipped by and you are troubled by how few hot dogs you’ve eaten, don’t miss what’s left of this baseball season. Eat a hot dog or two tonight while cheering on the Wild Card Chicago Cubs. If we all pull together and do it, we’re sure to nail this thing down.

What could be more iconic – more celebratory – indeed, more “mojo-producing” – than gathering at your favorite watering hole, tanking down a couple of brewskis, and munching away on the most Chicago food item there is: the Chicago-style hot dog. If the bar doesn’t serve them, bring some in.

There’s an elusive figure in Chicago who does something similar during the Chicago media league bowling nights.  He’s called the “Taco Man” because (you guessed it) he waits until the pitchers of beer start kicking in and then he stealthily enters the bowling alley with a cooler full of homemade tacos. A bit of a general clamor ensues.  Whispers are heard: “Taco Man is here!” They are generally sold out within minutes.

So bring in your own valise of hot dogs if you need to – or make it easy on yourself and just make a bunch of them at home. Vienna Beef has a nice hot dog kit available. Together, we can win this thing! Jake Arrieta may get credit for the win, but in my book, I’ll congratulate every last man-jack and woman-jack of you out there who lent their team support by eating a hot dog or two.

At Wrigley Field, I’ve always been hard pressed to limit myself to three hot dogs. There’s something in the brown mustard there that’s right on the border of not being truly “Chicago style,” but in combination with the savory onions and the decent-sized frankfurter, all is forgiven. To paraphrase the immortal Ernie Banks, Mr. Cub himself, “Let’s Eat Two!”

In Pittsburgh, you’d be appalled at what goes onto their hot dogs: chili, cheese sauce, mayonnaise – and (I can hardly bring myself to say the word) …. ketchup! Cooked on a flat top! An abomination! Can we put the World Series in jeopardy of falling into these wayward, disrespectful hands? Of course not! Baseball, hot dogs, and America deserve better than that!

Say it with me, Ronnie Woo Woo: “Chicago Style! Hoo! Chicago Style! Hoo! Chicago! Hoo! Style! Hoo!”


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