Best Chicago Style Hot Dog -- Survey Says .....

philsdogWho gets the Golden Weenie?

This is a democracy after all .... so why shouldn't You the People get a chance to register your opinion and vote for which Chicago hot dog stand should receive the 2014 Golden Weenie for the Best Chicago Style Hot Dog?

For a while, I worried about opening this up -- how to confirm the votes and establishments as legitimate, how to sort out the logistics, and now -- with the impending Polar Vortex deflating the notion of what is, basically, a summer delight -- how to proceed at all?

With forcefulness and a sense of mission, that's how!

Let's make like Matthew McConaughey in "Interstellar" and Damn the Vortex -- full speed ahead!

It may be a little more dangerous to plunge headlong into a Black Hole -- but not much.

People have strong opinions about these things. Hot-C and I risk all the name-calling and abuse that is sure to be hurled upon us, but it's worth it. If we can point a few good souls to a great feed in this Toddlin' Town, we're in.

Comment below with your write-in pick for Golden Weenie Award winner.

Or if you want to, drop me an email:

Or pick one from the survey:

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Vote early and often.

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