Golden Weenie 2014 Honors Best Chicago Style Hot Dog

goldenweenieHot-C and I are poring over the notes, reviews, and video clips of hot dog joints we visited this past season as we attempt to arrive at our fateful decision: which place merits the coveted Golden Weenie Award for 2014 for putting together the best Chicago style hot dog.

And no, we’re not giving a posthumous (posthotdogous?) award to Hot Doug Sohn, who absolutely galvanized this past hot dog season by … closing his doors. You make a hot dog that good and you close up? It’s like the nerdy kid at the playground taking his ball home because it’s his ball and he doesn’t care if it stops the game.

And anyone who waited in line (or “on line” as they say in New York) for five hours or more to get a Hot Doug’s hot dog does not get my sympathy.

Truthfully, Hot Doug’s was never in the running for the Golden Weenie, because that’s not what the Hot Dog Diaries is about. I have to admit – although I have eaten Hot Doug’s Chicago Style hot dog before (and it was great) I also couldn’t resist getting a hot dog made out of boar or some damned thing, with lemon tarragon aioli and smoked gouda.

And yes, I felt like a complete tool for ordering it.

Last year, when we awarded the Golden Weenie to Snappy Dog, some Hot Dougers and Superdawgers got very angry. I was called a douchebag and accused of giving the award to a “friend.” Truth is, I still have never met the folks who own Snappy Dog.

There are some good candidates, to be sure, that live up to our mission statement: “We humbly attempt to shed some light on the more dimly lit but extremely worthy hot dog joints the city has to offer, the out-of-the-way gems, the unexplored and unheralded single establishments, the garishly confident and sublime purveyors of encased meats that serve up a classic Chicago style hot dog.”

We are assembling our list of candidates.

In the past, we have been nonplussed more often than we have been pleased by the hot dogs presented, as you can see in our video archive.

This year, we had a few winners, with all the ingredients fresh and placed just-so. The 2014 Golden Weenie will be awarded on December 1.

If you’d like to submit a candidate, we’re all ears.

And pass the celery salt ….

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