Love Letter to My Grill

Dear Coleman,

grillIt's our first night together, and I hope you don't mind the easy familiarity I have with your name already. I feel like Rosie in "The African Queen" telling Charlie Allnut what a nice name he has, giddily repeating it aloud.

"Coleman, Coleman!" I can't help myself. Hot-C picked you up from Lowe's this afternoon, and you came completely assembled. Thank you for that -- so thoughtful! I had only to screw in the propane canister and push the red button (yes, that button!) and you ignited with passion and perfect, small flames.

In no time, I was ready to load the quarter-pound hot dogs onto your polished surface. You were so yielding, so professional, as you provided perfect char marks as Hot-C readied the condiments.dogs

Already, I'm feeling the blossoming of something very special happening between us as the summer months give us longer days and some time in the sun together. How wonderfully compact you are, with your wheels rolling snugly back into the shed at the end of my delicious meal. "Let's eat two!"

Immensely satisfying -- that's what you are to me -- and that's how I feel about the dogs that I carefully tonged off your gleaming surface. To quote from another Bogart film (do you like Bogart?) -- "This could beĀ  the beginning of a beautiful friendship."

finished dog


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