Super Bowl Sunday: Who Wins, Hot Dog-Wise?

What happens on Super Sunday will be in the record books soon enough. Who won the game, who received the MVP, how Bruno Mars was a shivering wimp at half-time, and how much the commercials sucked and what a waste of money they were.

But what about the food – in particular, the regional cuisine of the fans of the combatants? And more specifically, the all-time stadium favorite – the hot dog?

It turns out that Seattle has a namesake dog that is grilled to the splitting point and then dolloped heavily with cream cheese in a toasted bun. Once ensconced in the bun, grilled onions, jalapenos, and either sauerkraut or grilled cabbage are sprinkled liberally on top (it’s Seattle, so of course it’s a liberal sprinkling). And then, they don’t seem to care what you add after that. Spicy mustard? Sure! Barbecue sauce? Lay it on!

The cream cheese is intriguing and possibly worth a try, I suppose. And I dig the toasted bun idea – the kind that lobster rolls are served on. They take me back to the Woolworth’s lunch counter, circa the mid ‘60’s. Those reside in my memory like ambrosia.

In Seattle, you can also find a seaweed-wrapped wasabi dog, which is so wrong on so many levels that it may require a separate blog entry in the hot dog diary.

That’s the pre-game scoop on Seattle. What does Super Bowl opponent Denver have in the way of a specialty dog?

Billy’s in Denver has what they call a “White Hot Dog,” which is a combination of uncured/unsmoked pork, veal and beef, topped with their proprietary Billy’s Chili, yellow mustard, and chopped onion. Not bad. They also have the “Billy Dog,” an authentic Vienna beef Chicago-style dog that according to their menu is “slathered with yellow mustard, topped with neon green relish and chopped onion, dill pickle spear, spicy sport peppers, sliced tomato, and a dash of celery salt.” Touchdown!

I think we have a wiener.

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