Best Chicago Style Hot Dog? The Winner Is …

Thanks to all who participated in our Golden Weenie survey to express your opinion on which hot dog merits the “Golden Weenie” award for offering up the best Chicago Style dog in 2013. The voting was fast and furious, and apparently, there are lots of fans of the encased meats and duck fat that Hot Doug purveys. That joint got a lot of write-ins.

And there are also a number of Superdawg fans. No argument. “Hot Doug” Sohn and Maurie and Flaurie Superdawg make a great dog. Hot-C and I were compelled to grab a Superdawg to compare and contrast it with its biggest competition and ultimate Golden Weenie champion, and it was just fine – but perhaps just a little “too-too,” a kind of “Andrea Del Sarto” of hot dogs. It’s the difference between a turkey that Martha Stewart might make, with bay leaves outlined in the skin, and the one your silver-haired mother just pulled out of the oven with a smile on her face.

Oh yes – Superdawg has it worked out. It’s an assembly line that never fails, never falters, and the dogs that roll off the line are consistent: “flawless” even. But Hot-C and I explored other considerations when we decided on this year’s winner of the Golden Weenie, which we are proud to say is ….. Snappy Dog!

Snappy Dog, (co-owned by Scott Krause and Sue Johnson), at 6682-1/2 N Northwest Highway,Chicago, IL 6063,in the Edison Park neighborhood, is a charming, welcoming, narrow building (how cute is the “1/2” in the address?) that has the smiling presence of Chrisine Jasch behind the counter (compare that to the currency exchange glass window at Superdawg) and Bob Masini at work in the back, with the Little Steven headband on, carefully assembling all the requisite components: crisp dill spear powdered with a light dusting of celery salt, fresh tomato wedges, sport peppers that bring a nice, eye-watering bite to the dog, onions chopped just so, vibrant, Kelly green relish, and a nice lathering of yellow mustard on a steamed poppy seed bun. And in true Chicago tradition, the fries are packed right in with the dog. Perfection! Go with the big quarter-pound dog.

While we pondered the candidates, Hot-C and I consulted the Hot Dog Diaries Charter, which states our mission: “to shed some light on the more dimly lit but extremely worthy hot dog joints the city has to offer, the out-of-the-way gems, the unexplored and unheralded single establishments, the garishly confident and sublime purveyors of encased meats that serve up a great Chicago dog.”

I think we’ve done that – congratulations, Snappy Dog!

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