The Valentine’s Day Hot Dog Challenge

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Many people in relationships wrestle with whether the person they’re with is the right person. Valentine’s Day ups the ante. If you are early in the relationship, as you ponder what your True Enough Love would like to do on The Big Day or the present he or she might like to receive, consider this: Is that special place for dinner that you sweated to get reservations for a place you really would like to go? Does the night as planned really include the two of you – or is it just some marketing copywriter’s notion of what you are supposed to do as a couple? Is somebody just trying to sell something?

Let me present the following challenge. Tell your Beloved that you are making plans for dinner at a great place. Don’t tell them where it is, only say that it’s a place that you like very much and you hope they will, too.

And then, after assuring them that more casual dress is fine, tool your way along, deflect the breathless questions, reassure them how wonderful they are and how great they look  – and then pull in to your favorite hot dog stand. If he or she laughs and goes in and orders a hot dog with everything, consider yourself lucky. Very lucky, Because you, my friend, are with the right person.

If you are worried about taking the Valentine’s Day Hot Dog Challenge, if you are afraid of that special person bolting out of your car and hailing a cab, or telling you never to call them again, then you had better look deep. Take the long view. Somebody who would turn down a well-intentioned hot dog – what would the future hold with such a person?

Years from now, could you imagine laughing about that special Valentine’s Day date – that time your nutty date took you to a hot dog stand? And could you imagine reprising that date on Valentine’s Days to come? Or will it be a flat, awful memory that haunts you and forces you to drop a bundle every time Feb. 14 rolls around for fear of losing someone or disappointing them?

It’s not about going “on the cheap.” It’s about sharing something you enjoy.

What is key here is this: it’s never about how much money you spend, or how much you “put on the dog” (pun fully intended) for show. The right person, the one who loves you, who is crazy about you, and who would not mind sitting on a curb with a hot dog as long as you were right there beside them – that’s your Valentine.

Are you up for it? If you do take the challenge, let me know.

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