Hot Dog University Bringing “Depression Dogs” Back

Last week, I blogged about the end of the world surely being upon us, since the Vienna Beef Factory and Store closed its doors. While the store and restaurant did indeed close at their current location, the Vienna Beef company is still very much around and so is Hot Dog Univeristy –  in fact, they... Read more »

End Days Near: Vienna Beef Factory Closes

As if we didn’t have enough evidence that End Days are here, what with the United States of America becoming a Third World country closed off from the rest of the world (albeit a “Great” Third World country), brothers fighting against brothers via sharp Facebook ripostes, potty-mouthed Karens abusing store clerks wholesale, and a nasty... Read more »

A Quiet Fourth, With Hot Doug

If you’re looking at the number of Covid-19 cases increasing daily (50,000 at latest count) and you’re pining away for your annual Fourth of July family get-together, I stumbled across something that might just help. Remember Hot Doug Sohn – the affable and amiable proprietor of Hot Doug’s in Chicago, with his wild boar and... Read more »

Hot Dog Eating Contest Carries On

The Fourth of July annual Festival of Gluttony at Coney Island known as the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest is happening once again, virus be damned. At an undisclosed location. With five instead of fifteen participants. And no fans. I mentioned before in this space that professional sports contests without fans is, at best, a... Read more »

Fanless Pro Ball Games – Why Bother?

Suppose They gave a pro baseball game – and nobody came. An empty stadium with players on the field is too Twilight Zone for words. And it’s nonsensical, really. The fun of a ballgame comes from the people in the stands, at least if you’re there. Most of the people I have seen at Wrigley... Read more »

Jonesing for a Hot Dog in the Time of COVID-19

Hot dogs are perhaps the most social of meats. It’s still not that hard to remember the days when your dog was passed down a row of people at Wrigley while you passed down your five bucks the other way while sitting on your ass. Everybody touched your dog. Everybody touched your money. And remember... Read more »

Three Dog Day: Iconic Chicago Joints Examined

A few years back, Hot-C and I asked three buddies to join us in a hot dog tour of three popular hot dog stands so we could compare note and fill our bellies at the same time. What makes a great dog? And who provides it? We have been in pursuit of this knowledge for... Read more »

Hot Dog Fest in Full Swing

For the seventh year in a row, the Chicago History Museum is sponsoring its yearly Hot Dog Festival, featuring guest speakers and no fewer than seventeen purveyors of encased meat, at least one of them using guacamole as a condiment, of all things. You don’t see hot dog joints barging into Chipotle and begging them... Read more »

H. Dog Serves Up a True Working Man's Dog

5341 S. Archer Avenue Chicago, IL 60632 Tel: 773-585-5260 3-1/2 Dogs (Out of Five) Clearly a working man’s dog, with a burly, crew-cut clientele jawboning at each other between gargantuan bites of dogs and Italian beef sandwiches, this place says “South Side” all the way. Will there be a marked difference between our familiar and... Read more »

When Harry Met Elvis

I’m a hot dog guy, but I love me some good barbecued ribs, too. When your Chicago roots run as deep as mine do (I was born at Ravenswood Hospital), mustard shares your veins with barbecue sauce. And like many Chicagoans and Americans, I’m a Harry Caray and Elvis fan, too. Once upon a time,... Read more »