When Harry Met Elvis

I’m a hot dog guy, but I love me some good barbecued ribs, too. When your Chicago roots run as deep as mine do (I was born at Ravenswood Hospital), mustard shares your veins with barbecue sauce. And like many Chicagoans and Americans, I’m a Harry Caray and Elvis fan, too. Once upon a time,... Read more »

Help a Small Business, Not a Stupid Politician

The guy has been selling hot dogs out of a cart for thirty years. People love him, and significantly, they love his hot dogs. But when the cold wind blows through Indy (and it’s going to start blowing harder) it’s no fun. The thing is, folks are still hungry in winter. They still crave a... Read more »

Superhotdogger Flies Over North Avenue Beach

Oscar Mayer’s Superhotdogger took flight over North Avenue Beach yesterday in a mini-spectacle designed to make people hungry for hot dogs (as if anyone needed a reason to accomplish that in Chicago). Hot-C and I viewed it from an Oscar Mayer chartered boat, which had plenty of beer and hot dogs available, including the Sandwich... Read more »

Look, Up in the Sky, It’s Superhotdogger!

There’s a new Superhero coming to town. He does not have a beef with Superman and he’s not interested in slipping him a kryptonite sandwich. His interest leans more toward fulfilling his goal of getting an Oscar Mayer hot dog into as many hands as he can – and he’s taking flight to do it.... Read more »

Food Network’s Sandwich King Jeff Mauro Rolls Out (Flies Out?) New Hot Dog Recipes to Kick Off Summer

Amazon can keep its drones. Food Network’s Sandwich King Jeff Mauro and Oscar Mayer are teaming up to bring a specially equipped jet pack called the Super Hotdogger to deliver hot dogs to Chicagoans to kick off summer. Mauro has even added three brand new hot dog recipes to liven up your grill this summer.... Read more »

Vienna Beef Opens Museum for 125th Anniversary

For those stalwart few who have watched this space, you already know that Vienna Beef hot dogs have me in their thrall. It’s the mesmerizing combination of garlic and snap that can make me float, like a cartoon dog, to a hot dog stand serving same. Not an easy trick for someone over 250 lbs.... Read more »

Requiem for a Friend: Michael O'Connell Among the Herons

He brought a Lennonesque cheekiness to what he did — even professionally — that sometimes landed him in hot water. When Ronald Reagan was the sitting president, and Michael O’Connell was a reporter for the TV Mailbag, he described an upcoming presidential speaking engagement featuring the “former host of Death Valley Days.” As a copywriter... Read more »

What Are You Thankful For?

The short list …. Christmas lights, and the people who bother to put them up. Food samples in grocery stores on weekends. Neighborhood parks. Old photographs in real scrapbooks. Indian … er … “Native American” corn. Hot dogs with everything at Quick Bite. Facebook likes. Norman Mailer: once a fan, always a fan. Jeremy Wade... Read more »

Superdawg Offers Veterans Free Hot Dogs

I’ve always seen veterans as heroic figures. Even today, seeing them walk through airports, I marvel at their youth and realize that the draft ended long ago and that they SIGNED UP for this gig. No one forced them or demanded it of them. That only adds to my amazement and gratitude. When I think... Read more »

Man Robs Hot Dog Stand, Shoots Own Penis

Maybe it’s Southside justice. You can’t make this stuff up. Yesterday, a 19-year-old kid named Terrion Pouncy tried to rob the legendary Original Maxwell Street Polish on Halsted Street, and in all the excitement of leaving the restaurant, managed to shoot his own penis while making his escape. Police say it was a small caliber... Read more »