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Breaking Up is Hard to Do: A Dog Story

When my third marriage ended, there was no custody battle. No kids who had to deal with the split-up and no rancorous accusations nor venting of pent-up hostilities. There was, however – and still is – a dog. His name is Baxter, a Border Collie with bright, inquisitive eyes, and leaving him behind was one... Read more »

Best Chicago Style Hot Dog of 2014? It’s Official….

Murphy's Red Hots: Best Chicago Style Hot Dog 2014
“You hungry?” Murph asks, and it’s sincere and kind of quiet, like he‘s talking to one of his kids. “We can help you with that.” Bill Murphy is a Chicago icon, with 27 years of hot dogging under his substantial belt, and his customer service skills are as sharply honed as his hot dog making.... Read more »

Best Chicago Style Hot Dog -- Survey Says .....

Who gets the Golden Weenie? This is a democracy after all …. so why shouldn’t You the People get a chance to register your opinion and vote for which Chicago hot dog stand should receive the 2014 Golden Weenie for the Best Chicago Style Hot Dog? For a while, I worried about opening this up... Read more »

Golden Weenie 2014 Honors Best Chicago Style Hot Dog

Hot-C and I are poring over the notes, reviews, and video clips of hot dog joints we visited this past season as we attempt to arrive at our fateful decision: which place merits the coveted Golden Weenie Award for 2014 for putting together the best Chicago style hot dog. And no, we’re not giving a... Read more »

Robin Williams: Best Hot Dog Impression Ever

The man knew how to commit. From his searing performance as Tommy Wilhelm in 1986’s often overlooked “Seize the Day,” based on Chicago author Saul Bellow’s novel of the same name to his Teddy Roosevelt in another “Night at the Museum” film soon to be released, Robin Williams could play a role. Wonder if he was... Read more »

It’s National Hot Dog Day – So Indulge Already

Wednesday, July 23, is “National Hot Dog Day,” a date that was probably chosen because it’s the middle of summer, and hot dogs and summer go together like Wrigley Field and selfies. Many people wouldn’t be caught dead eating a hot dog, because they dwell too much on where hot dogs come from. Having gone... Read more »

Love Letter to My Grill

Dear Coleman, It’s our first night together, and I hope you don’t mind the easy familiarity I have with your name already. I feel like Rosie in “The African Queen” telling Charlie Allnut what a nice name he has, giddily repeating it aloud. “Coleman, Coleman!” I can’t help myself. Hot-C picked you up from Lowe’s... Read more »

Naked Hot Dog Contest? Not in Chicago

“I can’t wait to burp.” That’s what tiny hot dog eating champ Michelle Lesco said after eating 28 Nathan’s hot dogs in ten minutes to win the tune-up competition in Bloomingdale, IL before going to the Big Leagues at Coney Island, New York, on July 4. Kinda makes you proud to be an American, her... Read more »

Hot Doug’s is Closing: A Tribute in Rhyme

So Hot Doug has announced (somewhat coyly) that come October, he’ll be as splitsville as an over-boiled wiener, leaving Chicagoans to make do with only 2,374 other hot dog stands. We all know that Hot Doug’s was a special place. Your Humble Narrator himself was even chewed out and called a “douche bag” several months... Read more »

Wrigley Field Chicago Cubs Opening Day: Hot Dogs Galore

Does anyone recall the scene in “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” when Jack Nicholson’s earthiest creation Randall P. McMurphy doesn’t allow the Big Nurse to ruin Opening Day by not letting the boys watch the game on TV – so he does an imaginary play-by-play? It works – the boys get into it as... Read more »
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