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Love Letter to My Grill

Dear Coleman, It’s our first night together, and I hope you don’t mind the easy familiarity I have with your name already. I feel like Rosie in “The African Queen” telling Charlie Allnut what a nice name he has, giddily repeating it aloud. “Coleman, Coleman!” I can’t help myself. Hot-C picked you up from Lowe’s... Read more »

Naked Hot Dog Contest? Not in Chicago

“I can’t wait to burp.” That’s what tiny hot dog eating champ Michelle Lesco said after eating 28 Nathan’s hot dogs in ten minutes to win the tune-up competition in Bloomingdale, IL before going to the Big Leagues at Coney Island, New York, on July 4. Kinda makes you proud to be an American, her... Read more »

Hot Doug’s is Closing: A Tribute in Rhyme

So Hot Doug has announced (somewhat coyly) that come October, he’ll be as splitsville as an over-boiled wiener, leaving Chicagoans to make do with only 2,374 other hot dog stands. We all know that Hot Doug’s was a special place. Your Humble Narrator himself was even chewed out and called a “douche bag” several months... Read more »

Wrigley Field Chicago Cubs Opening Day: Hot Dogs Galore

Does anyone recall the scene in “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” when Jack Nicholson’s earthiest creation Randall P. McMurphy doesn’t allow the Big Nurse to ruin Opening Day by not letting the boys watch the game on TV – so he does an imaginary play-by-play? It works – the boys get into it as... Read more »

The Olympic Games and the $13 Hot Dog

Not even Hot Doug charges more for his Wild Rice and Asiago Cheese Smoked Bison Sausage with Bacon-Garlic Mayonnaise and Emmental Cheese. Thirteen bucks for a hot dog? That’s the going price at the Olympic Games in Sochi, where you can get a can of beer to wash it down for another twelve bucks. I’m... Read more »

Super Bowl Sunday: Who Wins, Hot Dog-Wise?

What happens on Super Sunday will be in the record books soon enough. Who won the game, who received the MVP, how Bruno Mars was a shivering wimp at half-time, and how much the commercials sucked and what a waste of money they were. But what about the food – in particular, the regional cuisine... Read more »

Top 7 Christmas Gift Ideas for Hot Dog Lovers

#1 Vienna Beef 10-Pack (with Fixings):  As Gertrude Stein would say, “The thing itself.” (She didn’t say that, but she would.) The Vienna Beef hot dog is, arguably, the best the city has to offer – with its logo of a red-forked hot dog silhouetted on a blue “V” field that hangs outside many Chicago establishments, beaming like giant welcoming lighthouses to landlubbers and hot dog lubbers alike. Here is their new offering: a <a href="" target="_blank"> 10-pack of their “natural-casing” hot dogs </a> that is sure to impress and delight and elicit a “Let’s do them up now!” from somebody.  And yes, Virginia, there is celery salt included.
With encroaching Winter and the fond memories of the tang of mustard from that first bite of a Wrigley Field hot dog fading into the past (along with the recollection of the dreadful  baseball season in Chicago), what better way to revive the glories of summer  than a Christmas gift that fairly screams “comfort and... Read more »

A Native American Thanksgiving: Revenge by Casino

IT HAS TAKEN a while, but Native Americans have finally found a way to take their country back. That notorious deal that was struck to purchase Manhattan Island from the Native Americans for twenty-six dollars worth of beads must have stuck in their collective craws like a stubborn bit of turkey gristle from a hastily... Read more »

Best Chicago Style Hot Dog? The Winner Is …

Snappy Dog's Christine Jasch and Bob Masini accept the Golden Weenie Award for Best Chicago Style Hot Dog in 2013.
Thanks to all who participated in our Golden Weenie survey to express your opinion on which hot dog merits the “Golden Weenie” award for offering up the best Chicago Style dog in 2013. The voting was fast and furious, and apparently, there are lots of fans of the encased meats and duck fat that Hot... Read more »

Best Hot Dog in Chicago: The “Golden Weenie” Awards

When you come to the realization that you’re actually tired of seeing Taylor Swift’s expression of mock surprise, it can only mean one thing: the end-of-year Awards Season is here. And here at the Hot Dog Diaries, Hot-C and I are scouring through our notes to find the hot dog joint worthy of the 2013 “Golden... Read more »
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