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It's National Hot Dog Day: Make Some Dinner Plans

Whatever was on your menu for tonight’s dinner, shift gears, back up, and rethink things. It’s National Hot Dog Day, which means that it’s time to enjoy the fruits of summer. The best way to do that is to exclude fruit from your meal (unless you want to call tomatoes fruits, and I really don’t... Read more »

Dog Dayz: The Second (and Third) Coming of Hot Doug

If the Grateful Dead can resurrect itself this summer, why not Hot Doug? If you missed out on saying good-bye and paying homage to Doug Sohn during those dwindling days of autumn last year when he closed Hot Doug’s, electing not to wait five hours for what was to be the last hot dogs ever... Read more »

Celebrating Superdawg Muscleman Maurie Berman

The 12-foot-tall colorful couple atop the stand has become a Chicago icon. He is clad in a leopard-skin wrestling tunic, flexing his muscles to impress his more demure, blue-skirt wearing partner, who has her hands folded sweetly in front of her. A bright lightbulb in one of his eyes is set to wink every few... Read more »

Hangin’ with The Card: The Art of Cardinal Francis George

Having worked at a few Catholic nonprofit agencies in Chicago over the years, I’ve had several occasions to meet and talk with Cardinal Francis George. We weren’t good buddies or anything, and I don’t mean to imply that, in spite of the cheeky title of this blog entry. The fact is, when I’d go somewhere... Read more »

The Great, Unexpected Hot Dog Experience

How much of a great hot dog experience is about the hot dog – and how much is about the place or circumstance where it was enjoyed? Recall your best hot dog experience. Where was it? Who was with you? Maybe you were with your Old Man at your first-ever baseball game at Wrigley Field,... Read more »

Hot Doug Redux – Back in May, One Night Only!

Disappointed that the "free hot dogs for life" turned out to be too good to be true....
What’s this? Hot Doug’s is coming back – after a lengthy and extremely profitable retirement party that lasted for several months, ending in an extremely profitable five-hour long line one soft day in October? Back again to take orders for the dogs and exchange banter with fans? I’m feeling a little like I did when Berghoff’s... Read more »

Breaking Up is Hard to Do: A Dog Story

When my third marriage ended, there was no custody battle. No kids who had to deal with the split-up and no rancorous accusations nor venting of pent-up hostilities. There was, however – and still is – a dog. His name is Baxter, a Border Collie with bright, inquisitive eyes, and leaving him behind was one... Read more »

Best Chicago Style Hot Dog of 2014? It’s Official….

Murphy's Red Hots: Best Chicago Style Hot Dog 2014
“You hungry?” Murph asks, and it’s sincere and kind of quiet, like he‘s talking to one of his kids. “We can help you with that.” Bill Murphy is a Chicago icon, with 27 years of hot dogging under his substantial belt, and his customer service skills are as sharply honed as his hot dog making.... Read more »

Best Chicago Style Hot Dog -- Survey Says .....

Who gets the Golden Weenie? This is a democracy after all …. so why shouldn’t You the People get a chance to register your opinion and vote for which Chicago hot dog stand should receive the 2014 Golden Weenie for the Best Chicago Style Hot Dog? For a while, I worried about opening this up... Read more »

Golden Weenie 2014 Honors Best Chicago Style Hot Dog

Hot-C and I are poring over the notes, reviews, and video clips of hot dog joints we visited this past season as we attempt to arrive at our fateful decision: which place merits the coveted Golden Weenie Award for 2014 for putting together the best Chicago style hot dog. And no, we’re not giving a... Read more »