Where Bartenders Drink: Your Boozy Travel Guide

Where Bartenders Drink: Your Boozy Travel Guide

Few things make or break travel like great food and drink. That's exactly why Where Bartenders Drink has become my new boozy travel guide. If you're the type to seek out a well-made classic cocktail or a perfectly poured local brew, you should make it your travel companion too!

In Where Bartenders Drink, 300 experts reveal where they drink when they're off the clock. They hit on 750 venues in over 60 countries, some of which you'll wish you hadn't missed out on during your last trip.

As you would imagine, I came to my conclusion about Where Bartenders Drink based on the venues highlighted here in Chicago. I wanted to make sure that I felt the same way about the spots they highlighted as they did before giving it my blessing. Celebrated venues like The Violet Hour and The Aviary made the list, but it was the others that made the cut that sealed the deal for me. Check out a few of my favorites below.

Where Bartenders Drink Chicago

Sable Kitchen & Bar - A hotel bar a few blocks away from Michigan Avenue...but don't let that fool you!

"It’s hard to run a hotel bar because you have to cater to people who are into the cocktail scene, as well as guests who may not be interested in what you’re trying to do as a bar." -Sother Teague


Lost Lake - Chicago's original tiki bar. No sugar-bomb, gut-rot "island drinks" here!

“What every tiki bar inspires toward and few manage to meet." -Ezra Star


The Matchbox - Small and crowded, but in the best of ways. They're mixing up the classics perfectly!

“The greatest smallest bar on earth." -Ivy Mix


Delilah's - Brown liquor to the gills and an amazing craft beer menu. Perfectly laid back!

“The whiskey bar that all other whiskey bars want to be like when they grow up." -John Stanton


The Drifter - A hidden burlesque bar with a tarot card cocktail menu. Odd in the best of ways!

"Small, eclectic, weird and historic." -Jacyara De Oliveira


If you haven't been to any of these venues, you need to add them to your list. Each and every one absolutely deserves the recognition they've received in Where Bartenders Drink. I can only imagine that I'll feel the same way about the spots highlighted in other cities throughout the world as I check them off of my bucket list. If you're interested in picking up a boozy travel guide of your own, just click here.


*These aren't affiliate links, I actually liked the book and I actually like the bars I mentioned.

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