IPA Day: Three Floyd's Blackheart

IPA Day: Three Floyd's Blackheart
Three Floyd's Blackheart

IPA Day is a day to celebrate everything about the India Pale Ale...obviously. But, you have to admit that the IPA family has some members that don't get nearly enough attention. Unless it says "Imperial" there are a lot of beer aficionados ignoring it these days...and that is nothing short of sad. So I want to show a bit of love to the English IPA.

What I've found over the years is that many people tend to look for pungent IPAs on either end of the "citrusy to piney" spectrum, while ignoring the middle-ground. And don't get me wrong, beers like Lagunitas "Sucks" and Weyerbacher "Double Simcoe" are awesome. My point is really that the English IPAs out there often get overlooked in favor of the "hop-bombs" many people have come to expect when they hear "IPA."

So on this IPA Day, I want to use my soap-box to pay tribute to what I think is one of the finest English IPAs on the market - Three Floyd's "Blackheart." I simply cannot fathom a beer-lover knocking this brew. It's balanced, but retains enough bitterness to let you know you're drinking an IPA. It uses English malts, hops and yeast, so it's true to style in that respect. And, they age it in toasted oak, which takes the edge off of the hops and makes it a bit unique.

But enough about me and my opinion. I would love to hear about your favorite IPA, English or not.


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