Beer: What to Drink Next

Beer: What to Drink Next
Beer: What to Drink Next Cover

Beer: What to Drink Next is an essential book for the aspiring beer connoisseur. It is Craft Beer for the Homebrewer for the beer drinker. Michael Larson has made consuming beer knowledge more digestible than virtually every author that has written about beer before him. He covers how to brew, serve, store, taste and pair beer in short, well thought out passages before presenting the Beer Select-O-Pedia.

Organized into four chapters (Ales of British or Irish Origin, Ales of Continental European Origin, Lagers of Continental Origin and Beers of American Origin), the Beer Select-O-Pedia offers up easy to understand information on more than 90 beer styles. Beers are cleverly ordered within each chapter by where they fall on the SRM scale (a scale used to specify the color of a beer). A two page spread for every entry also yields in-depth tasting notes, prominent beers of the style, food pairings, glassware suggestions, interesting facts, and fantastic artwork.

Whether you're already a beer baron or you're just getting into the beer scene, Beer: What to Drink Next should be on your bookshelf. You can purchase a copy here from Sterling Publishing for just $14.95.


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