Transient Artisan Ales at Fountainhead

Transient Artisan Ales at Fountainhead

This Thursday, January 9th, Fountainhead, the well known Ravenswood beer bar, welcomes Chris Betts owner and brewer at Transient Artisan Ales. Chris has dubbed himself a "Midwest-based gypsy brewer of modern farmhouse ales," so the brews he's bringing out with him should definitely be an interesting lot.

Chris utilizes open-fermentation, a process that requires more time, attention and cleanliness than fermentation in traditional closed fermentation tanks. The benefit for Chris is that he can create ester profiles that are more complex (esters are responsible for the fruity back-notes that many beers present), vent the sulfur aromas that are created during fermentation with ease and effortlessly maintain his yeast cultures. The benefit to the beer drinker is a more interesting beer.

Chris will be bringing five great examples of his beer brewing prowess to Fountainhead on Thursday and the kegs will be getting tapped at 7pm. I encourage you to arrive early and get a seat before these beers are gone. There is no purchase required to attend and the full list of Transient beers that will be there can be found below. I suggest trying to get your hands on a glass of Chris's Blueberry Obelus Galazy before it runs out as it is a keg conditioned exclusive made just for the event.


Hop Drink - A hoppy farmhouse ale

Verte - A sour saison

Obelus Galazy - A brett saison brewed with galaxy hops

To-Be-Named - A sour brett saison with the Fantome strain of yeast

Blueberry Obelus Galazy - A keg conditioned exclusive steeped with freeze dried blueberries and blueberry tea

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