Cider Summit Chicago 2014

Cider Summit Chicago 2014

Saturday, February 8th the 2nd annual Cider Summit Chicago is happening at Navy Pier. I was lucky enough to attend last year (thanks to Kevin Salvi of Chicago Brew Bus) and the event was a blast. While a lot of beer geeks look down on cider, the stuff you'll see at this event are anything but average. Many of the trends that have been pushing the boundaries of beer, like dry-hopping and barrel-aging, have found their way into the cider world as well.

There are two sessions taking place on the 8th, one from 11am-3pm and one from 4pm-8pm, and they're being held in the Lakeview Terrace Room. Tickets are $25 if purchased here in advance and $30 at the door the day of (if, and only if, there are any left).

If you're a beer geek and you want to try something new I encourage you to give this event a go, it should open your eyes to what cider will be going forward. If you're not a beer geek, I still encourage you to go, because it's a blast and the ciders are awesome!


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