Ale Syndicate Launches New Brew

Ale Syndicate Launches New Brew

Chicago newcomer (relatively speaking), Ale Syndicate, launches a new brew alongside Omega Yeast Labs. Using a proprietary blend of yeasts created by Omega, Ale Syndicate introduces Omega Midnight Foreign Extra Stout. Omega's yeast blend and Ale Syndicate's brewing prowess have come together to create a 9.5% ABV sweet and slightly fruity stout with a dry finish.

“Omega Midnight Foreign Extra Stout is a big, dark delicious beer that you can drink right away or set aside for a special occasion,” said Ale Syndicate head brewer Bryan Shimkos. “We can’t wait for Chicagoans to get their taste buds on it.”

Hopefully, you'll see it on tap when you're at the bar this weekend. But if you don't, I suggest heading somewhere new and giving it a go!


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