Smashburger Introduces Regional Brewery Pairings

Smashburger Introduces Regional Brewery Pairings

Last month, Smashburger, the iconic Denver-based burger chain, launched burger and beer pairings with regional brewers in 10 markets across the United States. As you might imagine, Goose Island was chosen to represent the Chicagoland area while similarly notable breweries like New Belgium, Six Point, Saint Arnold and Great Lakes were chosen for their respective regions.

Personally, I feel that this move is nothing short of brilliant. Founder, Tom Ryan, had his eyes set on the prize when he made the decision to focus on locality in his establishments and he definitely nailed it. Each Smashburger location already had menu options based on regional fare and now those items also have accompanying regional brews.

If you're in Chicago, you've got locations in the burbs to hit, but you're only option in the city is in Lincoln Park at 2031 N. Clybourn. I highly suggest you make the trip, try a Smashburger and take their suggested pairings into account. They did a damn good job picking 'em.


See below for the full list of regions and accompanying breweries

Denver - New Belgium

Brooklyn/Long Island - Six Point

Miami - Holy Mackerel

Minneapolis - Summit

Houston - Saint Arnold

Dallas - Deep Ellum

Phoenix - Four Peaks

Cincinnati - Christian Moerlein

Dayton - Great Lakes

Chicago - Goose Island

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