The Big Shoulders "Hopapalooza" Launch Party is Tonight

The Big Shoulders "Hopapalooza" Launch Party is Tonight

Five hours from now, Big Shoulders Beer Company will be launching "Hopapalooza" at The Beer Bistro on Madison. This 6% abv, 76 IBU India Pale Ale is sure to be a crowd pleaser, so you should definitely try to make it out for dinner and a brew.

Rich Szydlo definitely has a vision for where he wants Big Shoulders to be in a few years, and it all starts with the beer. Here's a bit more about Big Shoulders from their website.

"While Rich was in the midst of his mid-life crisis, he got a home-brewing kit to make the kind of beer that finishes the sentence 'Wouldn't it be cool to...' or answers the question 'You know what would go great with that?' After getting the hang of home brewing, he decided to make a special beer for an engagement party.  A number of rave reviews later, a little research was done, connections were made, tweaks were tweaked, and Crosstown Wheat was born!"

Hopefully we'll see you out at The Beer Bistro this evening with a Hopapalooza in your hand!


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