Unofficial in Chicago Bar Crawl

Unofficial in Chicago Bar Crawl

I know what you're probably thinking right now... "Really Nick, you're writing about a bar crawl sponsored by PBR?!?!"

You better bet your ass I am! PBR has history baby! And nothing says "Bar Crawl in Chicago" like beer in a Red, White and Blue can!

So here's the deal - Unofficial in Chicago is an awesome bar crawl on Clark Street hosted by Booth 25 Events. It's taking place this Saturday, March 9th from 10am to whenever the last attendee decides they're done for the day (aka bar close). Tickets are available online for $20 until midnight on March 8th and they'll cost you $30 the day of. Check out the schedule below and click here to buy your tickets!


10am-Noon: Kickoff Party and check-in at Casey Moran’s with a breakfast buffet, raffle, DJ and more!

Noon-1pm: Red Ivy and Irish Oak

1pm-2pm: Deuce’s

2pm-3pm: Rebel and Rockwood

3pm-5pm: Slugger’s (photo booth included)

5pm- Last Man Standing: Casey Moran’s

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