The Coolest Handmade Growler You Can Get

The Coolest Handmade Growler You Can Get

So you want the coolest growler around? Great, there are plenty of options out there! But if you're really looking to get the coolest one you've got a few things to consider.

Where was it made? Unlike most growlers out there, this guy was made here in the U.S. by Mudshark Studios (Portland, OR).

How was it made? No mass production here! They only hand cast 20 of these a day. They're trimmed and finished on a potters' wheel and hand glazed.

How long will it last? Glass is great, but ceramic is better. These are thick-walled and durable. You're better off if you accidentally drop it and your beer will stay colder, longer.

So...what I'm really saying is that if you want the coolest growler around, you should think about buying this one! You can buy yours from Kaufmann Mercantile here.


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