Interview with Ale Syndicate Co-Founders Jesse Edwin Evans and Samuel Evans

Interview with Ale Syndicate Co-Founders Jesse Edwin Evans and Samuel Evans

I recently had the chance to interview the Evans brothers regarding their new operation, Ale Syndicate. I'm definitely excited for the perspective these guys are bringing to the Chicago beer scene. You should be too!


What brought you two from Oakland, CA to Chicago, IL to begin with? 

Chicago is home for us. While we loved our time out West for the opportunities we found there, we always intended to return to the city.

Who would you want to collaborate with locally and why? 

We've been in contact with a lot of other breweries just starting up - breweries like 4 Paws and South Loop. We are all in similar places and want to help each other grow both our businesses and the Chicago beer scene. But we'd love to work with the more established brewers too - everyone from Haymarket to Half Acre - they do amazing beers and we'd totally welcome the opportunity to work with them and learn from them. We're also looking to collaborate with partners outside of brewers in order to highlight some of the amazing companies and flavors that are right here in Chicago - for example, we're developing a coffee porter with Metropolis Coffee.

Who would you want to collaborate with on a more national scale and why? 

We don't know if we can just name a few - there are so many outstanding breweries that we'd welcome the opportunity to partner with for collaboration brews. The benefits of collaborating with partners outside of Chicago is to both learn about brewing (and craft beer) in other parts of the country as well as expose our brewery and our beer to a whole new set of craft beer drinkers.

Where do you see the business in 12 months? In 36? 

In 12 months, we plan on having an amazing tap room with lots of fun brews on tap, which, if people love, we can push out to the market for wider release. We'll be available across the city in stores and on tap. Our goal is to help make Chicago the craft beer city in the Midwest, the country - the world! If we can be part of that over the next few years, we've succeeded.

Which of your beers is your favorite?  

Like any craft beer, it all depends on what we're in the mood for. We are really proud of Richie, it's this big bold beer that is perfect for those March snow days. Municipal is a solid IPA and Sunday Session will be our go-to summer beer because it's super light and refreshing, but with a good, hoppy flavor.

What is your go-to non Ale-Syndicate beer? 

Right now, we've been drinking a lot of homebrew. We've got a few friends who brew and bring by their beer and that's been our go-to these days.

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