The Craft Beer for Mardi Gras

The Craft Beer for Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras is upon us and what could be more New Orleans than Abita beer (a king cake would be the appropriate answer, but we're going to focus on the beer anyways!)?

While it might seem like the obvious "go-to" brew for the occasion, Abita has some offerings outside of their Mardi Gras bock that are worth trying. Furthermore, if we look past Turbodog and Purple Haze, there are a still some stand-out options that you might not have tried and shouldn't pass up.

I would like to recommend a few of their bigger brews for you to give a go. All of these are affordable and available in 22 oz. bombers. So get out there, pick up a bottle or two and indulge while enjoying a paczki.

SOS (Save Our Shore) - German Pilsner - 7.0% ABV (They donate $0.75 to gulf coast restoration for every bottle purchased as well)

Andygator - Helles Dopplebock - 8.0% ABV

25th Anniversary Vanilla Double Dog - American Strong Ale - 7.0% (This is a limited release, so I suggest you head to Binny's and pick some up)






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