The Boobzie Coozie

The Boobzie Coozie

So you're looking for a coozie that's sure to grab some attention?'re prayers have been answered and The Boobzie is here!

These voluptuous coozies made their debut in 2011 at Hooters, when the chain wanted to start selling a customized version. Since that time, the brand has quickly expanded distribution across the country. Liquor stores, restaurant chains and souvenir shops have all gotten in on the action as well as organizations and groups looking for promotional products.

While meant to be humorous, the company is using the Boobzies success to tackle a serious issue as well. Breast cancer is a life changer for woman and men alike, so the distinguishing features of the Boobzie have made it a perfect "spokeswoman" for awareness. A special-edition Boobzie (pictured above) has been created to promote and raise funds for breast cancer awareness and research.

You can pick one up for yourself at for about $10 or you can grab a package to share for about $45. So have fun and think about picking up a few of the the special-edition breast cancer awareness Boobzies here!


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