Coolest Bottle Opener Ever

Coolest Bottle Opener Ever

The Westmark "Hermetus" bottle opener and sealer is one of the coolest beer-ventions I've ever seen. Hands down - bar none.

Say you crack open a brew you've been saving for a special occasion and decide that you would rather have it tomorrow? You're in luck! Say you're at the beach throwing a few back (I would hope you've got cans at the beach, but stay with me for the sake of the argument) and you decide you don't want sand in them. You're in luck. Say you crack open a bomber and decide you want to save half for later that get the picture.

This little guy is a pocket-size bottle opener that will last a lifetime and it will only run you about $9. In all likelihood, it might save you from wasting a great beer, so it's definitely worth it. You can grab one from Kaufmann Mercantile here.


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