Chicago Brew Werks New Location & Nano Brewery

We've got some great news for home brewers and craft beer aficionados in the Chicagoland area. Brandon Wright, owner of Chicago Brew Werks, has some projects in the works that we can all benefit from.

Not only is Brandon opening the new location in late March/ early April, but he's also in the process of licensing a nano-brewery at the facility. Conveniently enough, the new location happens to be right next to Tailwinds Distilling Co., so it looks like Brandon will have an "in" on barrel-aging projects and collaboration brews. He plans on using a 1.5BBL nano-system for brewing and beer sensory classes on-site.

"Our focus is going to be a high degree of experimentation with various malts, hops and yeasts," said Wright. "We have a lot in store for the new place and I expect to have all the licensing in place by mid year to begin brewing."

You can check out some preliminary pictures of the space in the gallery.


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