"Beer is My Valentine" at Franklin Tap

"Beer is My Valentine" at Franklin Tap

No Valentine this year? No problem! Spend the evening at Franklin Tap making love to champagne, chocolate and strawberry...beers! From 11am to midnight on Thursday, February 14th, four beer specials are being offered to honor the little man with a bow and arrow. Bring in a friend and indulge in a few decadent brews, but make sure it's not the friend...they probably won't be happy that you brought them out for a beer instead of dinner!

Check out the specials below:

$3 Miller High Lifes - The Champagne of Beers

$4 Young's Double Chocolate Stouts

$5 Timmerman's Strawberry Lambics

$5 "Chocolate Covered Strawberries" - Timmerman's floated on top of Young's




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