The “Farmer’s Market” Brew Master: Jared Rouben

The “Farmer’s Market” Brew Master: Jared Rouben

You may have already heard that Goose Island Brew Pub brew master Jared Rouben has put in his two weeks. And, while this is tremendous news for Jared, and the Chicago beer scene, this isn’t unheard of. Brew masters come and go, changing the course of a brewery or brew pub, before leaving to start their own legacy all of the time. But I’m really not trying to downplay things…This is awesome news for the rest of us here in Chicago!

Although Jared doesn’t have a location set in stone just yet, he does have a spot scoped out…and there are plans for a tap room. I can’t wait to see what kind of creations the man behind the green strawberry IPA and baby carrot Belgian Wit comes up with once he’s got free reign over things. Although I haven’t spoken to Jared, I’m guessing that his brewery will continue to blur the lines between styles and incorporate ingredients we can’t even imagine in our beer. While expectations will be high, I think we should all go into this with the idea that Mr. Rouben probably wants to experiment a little…and let us stand in line to try his concoctions out (if we’re lucky!).

Here is to you Jared! We all certainly wish you the best in your new endeavor and hope we’ll get to drink the fruits (and vegetables) of your labor!


***If I were you, I would start following Jared on Twitter at @JBrew312 right now. Perhaps we’ll start hearing about the progress he is making with things sooner than anticipated.



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