National Beer Can Appreciation Day

National Beer Can Appreciation Day

In celebration of National Beer Can Appreciation Day, Timothy O'Toole's Pub is toasting to cans with $2 brews. From 11am to 3am on Thursday, January 24th, you can wrap your lips around some expected domestics as well as a handful of crafts that should keep you coming back for more. Though the craft canning movement is gaining speed, it's the big boys that got it started 78 years ago. So on this day, take a moment to appreciate the history in brews like Miller High Life and Hamm's...but switch to something with a little more flavor once you're done reminiscing. You can see the full list of $2 brews below.


Miller High Life - 4.6% abv American Adjunct Lager
Hamm's - 4.7% abv American Adjunct Lager
Miller Lite - 4.2% abv Light Lager
Coors Light - 4.2% Light Lager
Brooklyn Lager - 5.2% American Amber Lager***
Ska Modus Hoperandi - 6.8% American IPA***
Red Hook Longhammer IPA - 6.2% American IPA
New Belgium Shift Lager - 5.0% American Pale Lager***

***My recommendation for your drinking pleasure

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