Firestone Walker Expands Chicago Line-up

Firestone Walker Expands Chicago Line-up

This week Firestone Walker, the highly regarded brewery based in Paso Robles, California, began distributing three new beers to the Chicago marketplace. Additionally, they announced that a fourth brew, will start distribution later this spring. This is great news for Chicago beer drinkers because it means that there could be more to come down the road. And if it's coming from the makers of Parabola, Abacus and Double Jack, you know it will be good!

You can check out a description of all four brews courtesy of FW below.


Double Barrel Ale – Our patented Firestone Union system uniquely incorporates 60-gallon American oak barrels into the fermentation process which yields beers of extraordinary character and complexity. This system improves the fullness of the palate, balances hop character and lends a clean briskness to the finish. The influence of the toasted oak also imparts unique hints of smokiness and vanilla, as well as a subtle fruitiness to the flavor profile.

Pale 31 is an ode to our home California, the 31st state to be added to the union. Beer may not be associated with terroir the way wine is, but we believe that where we’re from impacts how our beers taste. This dry-hopped California Pale Ale represents the bold yet approachable spirit that embodies our state.

Velvet Merlin is a decadent Oatmeal Stout brimming with cocoa and espresso aromas. This beer features a rich, dark chocolate and roasted coffee flavor with a creamy mouth feel and wonderfully dry finish. The addition of U.S. grown fuggles hops contributes the perfect amount of bitterness to this exceptionally balanced beer.

Solace is an ode to warmer weather in the northern hemisphere. A hint of citrus fruit and clove aroma are followed by tangy dry malt flavor and a silky finish making it an approachable and refreshing session beer. We bring you this beer unfettered, a craftily unfiltered ale full of flavor and perfectly constructed to compliment those lazy warm days ahead. (Coming this Spring)

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