Fireman’s Brew in Illinois

Fireman’s Brew in Illinois

Over the past few months, Fireman’s Brew, a brewery and coffee roastery based in the Los Angeles area, has been making its way east. After creating distribution partnerships in Illinois, Colorado and Arizona, founder, Rob Nowaczyk set his eyes on the prize in respective major marketplaces Chicago, Denver and Phoenix.

Three different brews are now circulating around your local watering hole - Blonde, a Pilsner-style Lager, Brunette, a German-style Doublebock, and Redhead, a Red Amber Ale. Grant Importing & Distributing is handling the distribution of Fireman’s Brew here in Illinois, and if you’re in Chicago, Binny’s is going to be your one-stop shop to pick up a sixer, twelve pack or keg.

But don’t think about the dollars you’ll drop, think about how you’re helping to give back to the families and friends of fallen firefighters around the nation. Fireman’s Brew is committed to donating a portion of their proceeds to the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation, so some of your money will always go to a good cause.


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