Double IPA Showdown at Pizza Rustica

Double IPA Showdown at Pizza Rustica

Usually tastings are accompanied by a hefty fee, but Pizza Rustica owner, Juliana Montebello, is doing things differently. She’s hosting a Double IPA battle for free from 6-8pm on Thursday January 17th. This is a Michigan brew versus a Wisconsin brew, so those of you native to Illinois will have to pick your poison!

Louis Glunz is supplying Arcadia’sHopMouth” and O’so’sHop Whoopin’” for participants to choose between and a winning voter will receive a 4-pack of their choice the next time they visit. "HopMouth" has an 85 rating by the BeerAdvocates out there and "Hop Whoopin'" has an 86, so this is sure to come down to the wire. I can't wait to see who comes out on top!

No reservations are required to participate, so swing in for the tasting, vote and grab a few brews while you’re inside!



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