Beck's Sapphire Launch

Beck's Sapphire Launch

Beck's, and therefore, Anheuser-Busch, has spared no expense in introducing their new "Sapphire" pilsner to the country. Pop-up "Jewerly Stores" in Los Angeles, Chicago, New York and Miami have been set up, and accompanied by modern artwork and music. Here in Chicago, a swanky spot on Michigan Ave. was found and local artist "Hey Champ" rocked the crowd while Gibson's hors d'oeuvres were passed around.

While you may not be overly familiar with the Sapphire hops used in the brew, you're probably familiar with their profile. They're actually a breed that has slowly started to replace the Hallertauer varietal due to their resilience to diseases and pests. The unique packaging and drinkability of this beer are definitely great selling points, as I'm sure AB already knows. Another invitation-only event is scheduled here in Chicago on the 31st, but you'll only need to wait until their "grand unveiling" at the Super Bowl to find it readily available in stores.


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