America's First Craft Beer is Back!

America's First Craft Beer is Back!

Although some might argue whether or not it was the first, America's first craft beer is back! Jack McAuliffe, the original brewer at New Albion Brewing Company got some great news from Jim Koch of Boston Beer Co. recently. Koch showed interest in reviving New Albion Ale and working with McAuliffe to distribute the brew again. This will be the first time in 30 years that New Albion Ale has hit the shelves, so even though it will be making a limited-edition comeback, it's still a momentous occasion.

Using New Albion's unique strain of yeast, which has been maintained by the University of California since 1977, and cascade hops, this 6% abv APA should be quite drinkable...if you manage to get your hands on some. All of the profits will be going right back to Jack McAuliffe, who might have been a little before his time.

Here's to a true pioneer in the craft beer industry!


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