Westvleteren XII – Where is it in Chicago?

Westvleteren XII – Where is it in Chicago?

Westvleteren XII, known as Westy 12 in the craft beer community, is widely regarded as the “best beer in the world.” While highly sought after and talked about incessantly, it’s unbelievably difficult to get your hands on…normally. However, the abbey monks in Vleteran, Belgium need to fund repairs to their monastery and have decided to release the beer in quantities like never before to make it happen! The only place you can find this brew in the city is Binny’s and if you’re lucky, they might still have some! For $85 you can get your hands on 6 11.2 oz. bottles and two pieces of Westy glassware.


***Binny's just let me know that they've officially sold out! Now you're best bet is to hope you'll find someone willing to share!

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