The Gateway to Craft Beer is made of Wheat

The Gateway to Craft Beer is made of Wheat

I’m not embarrassed to admit that Blue Moon is the beer that started it all for me. Being young, underage and privy to the typical swill out there, it was something different.  The hazy yellow-orange hue and citrusy profile were definitely a nice change from the Busch Light I had been spending my $20s on while in college. And, now that I’m neck deep in the craft beer scene, I can look back on what got me into it and appreciate that there are a million people out there with a similar story.

If you live in the Midwest, maybe it was Three Floyd’sGumballhead” or Bell’sOberon.” Maybe, you were an import snob and started with Hoegaarden’sOriginal White Ale.” Or maybe, you were like me and started with Blue Moon’sBelgian White.” Regardless, I think there is something to be said about the way that wheat-based beers have been “gateway beers” for a lot of us. In fact, our very own Goose Island312” is now being produced on a scale to rival Blue Moon…and hopefully, it can become a gateway beer for generations to come as well. So, while I'm one to knock large format brewers fairly often, I have to appreciate that without them, quite a few of us may not have ever gotten into the craft craze!

So here's to wheat beers!

***If a wheat-beer isn’t what got you into the craft scene, I would love to find out what was. Leave a comment below, give credit to the brewery and help spread the word!

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