Stay In and Drink Craft Beer

One of the best things about great beer is that you don’t have to be out to enjoy it. In fact, it couldn’t be more different from the craft cocktail movement in that respect. To enjoy many of the great cocktails out there, you need to have a fully stocked bar in your house, shakers, and obscure ingredients to boot. But beer is simple to enjoy. Even if you don’t have the proper glassware, it doesn’t take much more than pint glasses, a few friends and a comfortable couch.

Ask any beer lover out there and they’ll inevitably tell you that some of their best beer memories are from the time they’ve spent at a buddy’s house swapping what they brought over. I can say that I’ve tried a ton of brews I wouldn’t have bought on my own this way. Just last evening, I got the chance to try Goose Island’sJuliet” for the first time because of such an event (the inspiration for this post). So grab a few friends, tell everyone to bring over a mixed sixer or a few bombers and spend a night in!

***You can see the random selection we ended up with in the photos below

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