Revolution Brewing "Penguin Hops" Collaboration Release

Revolution Brewing "Penguin Hops" Collaboration Release

If you haven’t been to the Revolution Brewpub since last Wednesday, you haven’t even had the chance to try “Penguin Hops.” And I’m sorry to hear that. Although it has been on sale at the brewpub since November 28th, it hasn’t been released anywhere else in the city…until today.

“Penguin Hops,” harvest ale, is a collaboration brew between Revolution and Shedd Aquarium. That being said…I know what you’re thinking. “They put penguin in beer? Is that allowed? Isn’t an animal rights group going to come after them? Wait until PETA hears about this!” But don’t get too worked up just yet! Local hops were used in this brew, not local penguins.

After realizing the hops they had been growing in the gardens for almost a decade needed to be removed, Shedd paired up with Revolution to make sure they didn’t go to waste. And, if you want to make sure the beer doesn’t go to waste, you should swing by the Lincoln Park Whole Foods from 6-8pm this evening! Since Revolution is donating $1 from every pint of “Penguin Hops” sold to Shedd’s Conservation Initiatives, you’ll actually be supporting a local brewery and your local community.

I hope to see you there! Cheers!

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