Headquarters Beercade - Green Flash Dinner

Headquarters Beercade - Green Flash Dinner

If you’re a beer lover, and I’m assuming you are since you’re here, you NEED to make your way over to Headquarters Beercade! It is one of those rare places where people with nothing in common manage to mingle. Designed around old school arcade games and great beer, this place was destined to be a hit. A well curated bottle selection and 16 taps ensure everyone will find something they haven’t tried or haven’t heard of. Beyond that, over 35 old school arcade games line the walls, helping to bring out the inner kid in every beer loving soul who walks through the door.

I was lucky enough to attend the Green Flash beer dinner, where we tried some west coast rarities and got to see how Chef Chris Cason paired them up. Our meal started with the “East Village Pilsner” aka Fizzy Yellow Beer, which is actually a rare treat in the Chicagoland area. Then we moved onto to my favorite brew of the evening, their “1st Anniversary American Strong Ale.”  They brewed this one with specialty brown sugar and maple syrup, so the flavor profile was spectacular. Mid-meal, Green Flash representative, Nate Levi, decided that it was time to bring out the “Rayon Vert,” their amazingly well regarded Belgian pale ale fermented with Brett. Then we had our taste buds blown off! The “9th Anniversary ‘Green Bullet’ Triple-IPA” was dished out alongside a spicy cevapcici sausage. Though it rings the bell at 100+ IBUs, the brew was extremely well rounded and played right into the “Double Stout” we finished out the evening with.

If this evening’s food was any indication of Chef Cason’s talent, then you can’t just stop in for a beer! Grab some of his house made beef jerky and make sure you don’t forget your quarters! More events like the Green Flash dinner are sure to take place at this venue and, let’s face it, when you’re coming to place like this, you don’t need any excuse other than thirst to stop by!


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