Does the Bottle Matter?

Does the Bottle Matter?

If you believe all that matters is the liquid in the bottle this post definitely isn’t for you! But…If you’re willing to admit that the bottle matters, at least a little, you should keep reading!

Obviously, I’m a firm believer that the beer needs to be great, but, the drinking experience is a big part of that…and it all starts with the bottle. From large, heavy, corked bombers like North Coast’sLe Merle,” to the squat 12 ouncers like those that Founder’s and Sierra Nevada use, bottles of every shape and size are out there. And, every one of those bottles was chosen to say something about the beer within, the brewers, or both.

If you’re like me, when you’ve got a bomber in your hand it just feels like you’ve got something more special than your typical brew. Maybe it’s because brewers with an established beer like Great Divide’sYeti,” put their one-off creations in them. Or maybe it’s because many of the famous brews out there can only be found in them, like FoothillsSexual Chocolate” and Surly’sDarkness.” Whatever the reason, there is definitely an argument to be made that a bomber gives you the impression that you’ve got something worthwhile…and that you’ve got enough of it to share with a friend.

Beyond the bottle, labeling and artwork go a long way in providing us some insight into the brewer’s themselves. You can tell that the folks over at 3 Floyd’s are pretty creative and intense when you look at the artwork they’ve used on brews like “Arctic Panzer Wolf” and “Zombie Dust.” In comparison, one could assume that the brewers over at Nøgne ø are going for a simple, yet consistent look, allowing the beer to speak for itself.

I’m actually more interested to know what you think. Does the bottle matter or is it simply a delivery mechanism? Is it part of the experience or not? Let’s get a conversation going in the comments below.

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