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Move-in ready homes in Geneva and Sycamore

If the approaching end of the school year reminds you that you’ve been meaning to have yourself in a new home and the kids in a different school system next year – it’s time to buy that new home. Construction schedules are pretty inflexible. If you want to be sure to be moved in prior... Read more »

This week's Tribune introduces Bloomingdale

If you’re just beginning to research your next move, the Chicago Tribune’s Communities pages are a great place to start. This week’s focus falls on Bloomingdale, one of Chicago’s oldest suburbs, and the Trib serves up an informative overview of this relatively affordable village. Read on to the end, where you’ll discover a topic that... Read more »

The lowest-priced condo in Hinsdale

The listing copy bills the 2-bedroom, 2-bath unit at 300 East Claymoor Rd as the lowest-priced condo in Hinsdale, a community where condos and townhomes range upwards of $1,000,000 in price. At that price point in Hinsdale you might be expecting a fixer-upper or a foreclosure, but the unit is described as “remodeled and well-maintained.”... Read more »

Elmhurst school district slashing its budget

A number of west suburban school districts have been raising taxes to close budget gaps, while others are considering major program reductions. According to Trib Local, Elmhurst District 205 is among the group considering cuts – $3 million in cuts. The list of programs most able to sustain cuts, according to the committee that studied... Read more »

Rent a Hinsdale 3-bedroom for $1,000 a month

There are currently several dozen homes listed for rent in the MLS in Hinsdale, at monthly rents ranging up to $6,000. There are two surprises in the current offerings. The first, it strikes me, is a broader than usual selection of rental homes in Hinsdale. The second surprise is a 3-bedroom home on a 50... Read more »

Hinsdale's minority population shows large percentage increase

The overall numbers are small, but the minority population in Hinsdale saw substantial percentage gains over the past decade. As reported by Trib Local: http://triblocal.com/hinsdale/2011/02/15/hinsdale-population-drops/ Between 2000 and 2010, Hinsdale’s black or African American population rose 58.8 percent from 136 to 216. Its Asian-only population increased 38.6 percent from 777 to 1,077 and its Hispanic/Latino... Read more »

A townhome open house in Oak Brook

Open houses are popular with home buyers but receive mixed reviews from sellers and real estate agents. In some parts of Chicagoland, open houses are a traditional part of the marketing program; in other areas, not so much. Unlike the North Shore, open houses are infrequently hosted at Oak Brook homes priced above $2 million.... Read more »

West suburban real estate news roundup

Not all of the stories linked below qualify as actual “real estate news,” but any or all may affect your decision on where to move. If you’re homeward bound to Chicago’s western suburbs, the local media can help you learn the flavor of the different communities. Downers Grove to hike taxes 4.6 percent Say Downers... Read more »

Is that home in Naperville District 203?

I’ve heard more than once from Naperville Realtors that my headline is often the first question their buyers ask about a home. Naperville District 203 and District 204 schools rank well on the Sun-Times lists of top 100 public elementary, middle and high schools. District 203 has the edge in elementary and high school rankings,... Read more »

A video tour of custom homes in Saint Charles

A video tour of custom homes in Saint Charles
John Hall Jr is pricing the same custom homes he sold for $700,000 in Saint Charles 4 years ago for $500,000 today. That’s just one of the surprises you’ll find in the above video, the first part of our tour of new homes in a part of Saint Charles. My tour guide is John Hall... Read more »