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Buyer beware of Bellwood's baleful state

Bellwood’s location, just 13 miles west of Chicago’s Loop, and its proximity to I-290 and I-294, should make it attractive to residents and to industry. Its location notwithstanding, Bellwood lost 7.1% of its population between 2000 and 2010 and has been losing businesses. According to a Sunday Chicago Tribune story, conditions in Bellwood appear poised... Read more »

New Cook County property tax site is a must-see

The new Cook County Property Tax Portal has gone live, providing easy online access to a variety of property tax information through a single website. The site is the result of cooperation among the elected county officials who take part in the property tax system. The aspect of the site with the greatest impact is... Read more »

Downers Grove swallows up 430 homes

Apparently not everyone who will be living in Downers Grove chose to live there. According to a recent Trib Local report the Village of Downers Grove has annexed more than 400 homes in an unincorporated area adjacent to it. Not all of the residents who will become part of Downers Grove are thrilled with the... Read more »

Hinsdale high schools suspend challenging property tax appeals

If you bought a home in Hinsdale and challenged a property tax assessment that you thought was too high you might have found attorneys for Hinsdale District 86 high schools opposing your appeal, according to a recent report in Trib Local. The assessment appeal challenges have been suspended for a bit, but the financial squeeze... Read more »

Property taxes - a tale of two townships at Sun City in Huntley

A recent Daily Herald article reports on wide differences in property tax assessments within a single development – Sun City in Huntley. Part of the development lies in Kane County, and part in McHenry County, and the article attributes the tax variations to differences in the assessment methods used by each county. Further investigation is... Read more »

Berwyn bungalow owners angle for tax breaks

With property taxes poised to soar in many of Chicago’s suburbs, homeowners are pursuing any avenue that may lead to property tax relief. Eligibility for a property tax assessment freeze has certainly been on the radar of backers of the Berwyn Bungalow Preservation Initiative, as reported in a recent Tribune article. One has to wonder... Read more »

DuPage County property values down, taxes up

You might be thinking that you’ll be able to lower the property tax bill on a home you’re planning to buy in, say, Naperville based on the fact that you’re buying the home for 30% less than it sold for 4 years ago. Think again. According to this Daily Herald article, the average tax rate... Read more »

A brief look at Norridge

The Census Bureau’s 2009 American Community Survey informs us that the Village of Norridge‘s population is more than 35% foreign born, and nearly half speak a language other than English at home. The Census Bureau estimates the African-American population at 21, up 40% from 2000, when it was 15. In 1960, there was only one... Read more »

West suburban real estate news roundup

Not all of the stories linked below qualify as actual “real estate news,” but any or all may affect your decision on where to move. If you’re homeward bound to Chicago’s western suburbs, the local media can help you learn the flavor of the different communities. Downers Grove to hike taxes 4.6 percent Say Downers... Read more »

Comparing property taxes in select near west suburbs

Rising real estate taxes are becoming an increasingly important factor in home affordability, but they’re only one of many factors home buyers weigh in selecting their next community. Property taxes can vary considerably within a community based on the governmental districts and special assessment districts that have authority to levy taxes on a home. The... Read more »