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A west suburban real estate news roundup

If you’re homeward bound to Chicago’s western suburbs, the local media can help you learn the flavor of the different communities and keep you up-to-date on real estate news. Not all of the recent stories linked below qualify as actual “real estate news,” but they may affect your decision on where to move. St Charles... Read more »

Is Cicero really a family-oriented place?

When Chicagoans think about Cicero the one phrase that probably doesn’t leap to mind is “family-oriented,” given the town’s long-standing association with organized crime, public corruption and its above-average crime rate. None of that, however, suggests that Cicero isn’t a family-oriented community, and a recent Tribune article goes to some lengths to make the case... Read more »

Eye-stopping stonework on Cicero 2-flat short sale

While scrolling through a page of west-suburban new listings, one property brought me to a complete halt. It isn’t easy to ignore the stone front façades of the 2-flat at 5108 3 24th Pl in Cicero and its neighbor to the east. The property has two 3-bedroom, 1-bath apartments, a finished basement, and a 2-car... Read more »

Census shows increasing Latino presence in Western suburbs

According to a Chicago Tribune report of US Census data, 1 of every 3 children under the age of 5 in Cook County comes from a Latino ethnic background. In some of Chicago’s near western suburbs, such as Cicero and Melrose Park, more than 4 of every 5 children under 5 are Latino. Rapidly shifting... Read more »

Hinsdale highs, Cicero lows, old new listings

Three hundred and forty-nine new listings in Chicago’s near west suburbs were entered in the local Multiple Listing Service during the past week. The six highest priced homes were all in Hinsdale, topped by the 9,000 square foot home on a half-acre lot at 939 Cleveland Rd. It is listed at $5,100,000 and includes 5... Read more »

Aurora again ranks first in west suburban foreclosures

When we last reported on foreclosure filings in Chicago’s western suburbs, Aurora topped the list with 572 filings. The pace of foreclosures slowed somewhat in Aurora during the third quarter of 2010, but it once again ranked first in the western suburbs with,509 filings. Bolingbrook, with 259 foreclosures filings, and Cicero with 239 took second... Read more »

Aurora tops foreclosure list in Chicago's western suburbs

There were 572 foreclosure filings in Aurora during the first quarter of 2010, giving it the top rank among Chicago’s western suburbs, according to data compiled by the Woodstock Institute. Aurora also had more foreclosure filings than any suburb in the Chicago metropolitan region. Other western suburbs which saw more than 100 foreclosures filed during... Read more »

Appraiser sees oversupply of homes for sale in Cicero and Melrose Park

It isn’t difficult to find elaborate statistical reports on the state of the real estate market in various parts of Chicagoland. For many home buyers and sellers, however, a few simple numbers are all they want to know and, some would argue, need to know. Appraiser Michael Walsh, writing at the Chicago real estate blog,... Read more »