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Are strategic defaulters facing jail time?

Thinking about strategically defaulting on your mortgage, and seeing how long you can live in your home without paying? Long enough to save up a down payment for your next home? Long enough to pay for that first-class flight to Cabo? Think about what Heath Wolfe, a government official has to say in Lew Sichelman’s... Read more »

Buyer beware of Bellwood's baleful state

Bellwood’s location, just 13 miles west of Chicago’s Loop, and its proximity to I-290 and I-294, should make it attractive to residents and to industry. Its location notwithstanding, Bellwood lost 7.1% of its population between 2000 and 2010 and has been losing businesses. According to a Sunday Chicago Tribune story, conditions in Bellwood appear poised... Read more »

Is Cicero really a family-oriented place?

When Chicagoans think about Cicero the one phrase that probably doesn’t leap to mind is “family-oriented,” given the town’s long-standing association with organized crime, public corruption and its above-average crime rate. None of that, however, suggests that Cicero isn’t a family-oriented community, and a recent Tribune article goes to some lengths to make the case... Read more »

Andy Griffith dies but Mayberry lives in lots of Chicago suburbs

It isn’t easy to convey a sense of what it’s like to live in a suburban community in a brief article, but the Tribune’s Community Profiles generally do a creditable job of it. The most recent profile of a western suburb focuses on Roselle, and finds that it has ‘”Mayberry” appeal.’ Over the years real... Read more »

The Trib dishes the line on Lyons

There aren’t a lot of good sources out there to give home buyers a useful sense of the characteristics of different suburban communities. Mere statistics tell the story to some extent, but are no substitute for a reporter with a keen ear for a community’s vibe. The Chicago Tribune publishes the best collection of community... Read more »

Trib shines spotlight on affordable Glendale Heights

If you’re hunting for a new community, the Tribune’s Communities page can be a good place to start. Unlike many sites that are relentlessly upbeat, the Trib typically mentions some of the issues that might concern newcomers – but you’ll sometimes have to read between the lines to spot them. This week the Tribune’s Leslie... Read more »

This week's Tribune introduces Bloomingdale

If you’re just beginning to research your next move, the Chicago Tribune’s Communities pages are a great place to start. This week’s focus falls on Bloomingdale, one of Chicago’s oldest suburbs, and the Trib serves up an informative overview of this relatively affordable village. Read on to the end, where you’ll discover a topic that... Read more »

Check out the Tribune Festival of Homes

New home construction has plummeted nearly 90% since its peak, and many new home builders have fled the market. The builders that remain active have retooled their offerings – and their pricing – to adapt to current market conditions and changing homebuyer preferences. Twice a year the Chicago Tribune spotlights some of the area’s top... Read more »

Vacation rentals in Glen Ellyn, Oak Park, Naperville

There has always been a demand for short-term rental of homes and apartments. Traveling businessmen sometimes prefer to stay in a homelike environment. Families and groups returning to a town for a reunion often find it more economical to rent a home than multiple hotel rooms – which may not always be available in some... Read more »

Oswego looks on the bright side of the downturn

Many a suburban boomtown has become a gloom and doom town in recent years. Not Oswego. According to a recent Tribune article, things in Oswego “have slowed down a bit in the recession, but officials still see bright days ahead.” A June, 2008 Tribune community profile cast Oswego as a community “working to keep small-town... Read more »