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Buyer beware of Bellwood's baleful state

Bellwood’s location, just 13 miles west of Chicago’s Loop, and its proximity to I-290 and I-294, should make it attractive to residents and to industry. Its location notwithstanding, Bellwood lost 7.1% of its population between 2000 and 2010 and has been losing businesses. According to a Sunday Chicago Tribune story, conditions in Bellwood appear poised... Read more »

Minorities are the majority in Bellwood and Stone Park

Neighboring Stone Park and Bellwood are a study in demographic contrasts. Minorities form an 80% majority in both communities: Hispanics in Stone Park, African-Americans in Bellwood. Bellwood and Stone Park have a lot of similarities beyond their minority-dominated populations and easy access to Chicago’s expressway grid. Most relevant here, they both offer a variety of... Read more »